Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Television has taken on the role of the microwave – it cooks your brain in seconds!

The entire media scene reminds me of that scam played on the street where you have to figure out which card is the king, or under which cup the little red ball is - the presenter in the role of the dextrous scam artist and their co-presenters and guest speakers, in those silly pop up windows, in the role of the seemingly innocent bystander who plays and wins. Their purpose and objective, beyond the ratings (which helps them retain their jobs), is the daily stupefaction of the mob and deliberate misinformation of their viewers. The end justifies the means and so they draw attention away from the problems that the system has – the system that has always rightly treated us as a mob. If people do not stop lapping up everything they serve us, the worst is yet to come. So, participate in any kind of “peaceful protest” and group together with all of the others victims (but stay away from any partisan embraces which openly divide our dynamics). first posted - Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The “System” does not bear the burden of the edification of our children – the responsibility is ours!

There is no doubt that the system wants uneducated, anti-social materialistic and easily led “zombies”; the question is, what are we doing about it? Are we fulfilling our obligation as parents, or have we delegated this too to the television? How much of our personal time and space do we give them? Do we devote ourselves to them as much as we should or do we simply pay for their needs? What standards are we setting for them with our actions? Do we follow what is good, correct and just, or do we show them that the only thing we care about is ourselves and how we can get by? These questions are merciless (as are many others), but they are very useful as they may help us realize our derelictions. I recently read, somewhere on the Internet, that fathers nowadays devote less than 1 minute a day to their children (they mean the actual time they concentrate on their children – not just plopped in front of the TV with them, or at the dinner table or dealing with other responsibilities). I don’t know if this is reality, but if it is I find it frightening and grievous. I won’t continue, I will simply finish with a line from a relevant poem from my first collection, “Woe The State of Things”, entitled “Edification”: No person born bears responsibility, yet I know not what will happen to those that made the decision to bring them into this world….. And in closing I would like to say that as far as Rocco’s and Aggelos’s (my children) ethics and values are concerned, I am solely responsible, the “system” had nothing to do with them. (first posted - December 4, 2008)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There is more than one category of people on our planet.
There are living bipeds that are separated into two subcategories: those that are human (which constitutes the minority) and those that are anthropomorphs (and they constitute the ruling class). The differences between these two categories are many and distinct. Let’s start off by defining what it means to be a human being and what makes a human being different from the rest of the primates. In the Dictionary of Modern Greek (Giorgos Babiniotis - 2002) a “human being” is defined as a being that can produce speech (that is they can reason orally) and can have abstract thought processes, as one that has a conscious understanding of his power and his independence and has the ability to use ethical judgement (that is he has the ability to discern good from bad). If you know many such people in our society today, I apologize. Having studied reality, I have the conviction that the human race is on its way to rapid extinction and that the anthropomorphs (who have always been the point of reference) will prevail. I think the famous line by the cynical philosopher Diogenes is suitable: “I am searching for a human being!” (For those of you that do not know him, Diogenes was a philosopher who roamed the Market of Ancient Athens, holding a lit lantern in the middle of the day searching for “human” beings (people of quality, people whoa re virtuous, noble, just and civilized). In conclusion I consider the current generalisation unfair and I think it is necessary to make the distinction between the two. I will not accept that the word “person” defines all of us. How can criminals, rapists, paedophiles, slave traders, thieves, perjurerers, slanderers, drug dealers, pimps, liars, traitors (and all sorts of frauds) that shamelessly infringe upon legality and shape consciences be called human beings? (first posted - June 28, 2008)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The “System”, Depression and the Discontent Caused by Stress.

Only a fool would be unable to perceive that we live in an age of sheer fascism (that of selective misinformation) and that “only the uninformed live in bliss.” It is an undisputable fact that nowadays there are very few people alive who are true “thinkers, self-enlightened and rebellious people. So wake up, set your mind to work and do some serious analytical thinking! “They wanted slaves on this earth so they sent us here as immigrants!” THERE ARE NO LONGER ANY TRULY HAPPY PEOPLE ON OUR PLANET and this is due to all those “communications experts”. Chasing your own tail has become the most popular sport with a steady stream of “customers, mortal and expendable. So read this post, as well as all the others, carefully, and those of you that thirst for the truth will be led to the source. Man is basically naïve and easily led astray, especially when there are mechanisms at work which target his subconscious and create standards, models and norms without his knowledge. So what does a person need to live happily during their futile and very limited time on earth? Health and a few essentials which I can easily specify: a respectable residence which they will own, a decent car and some enjoyable outings are more than enough – anything more should be considered a bonus. But how many people are content with these? Very few!! Do you know how many people went bankrupt and became miserable because they couldn’t be content with these three things? Do you know that the planet is in such a terrible state because of the millions of humans who could not be content? You see, the bankers and the global currency fund have turned us into consumer “zombies”, and as a result we can see the “bait” but we ignore the “trap”. I won’t go on, I will simply mention the education system and higher learning (which create the nomenclature and those in power), and I will leave the rest to you. So goodnight and sweet dreams! The game is rigged and you should at least be aware of the fact! Let me make it just a bit easier – How many people win the lottery? One! How many people buy lottery tickets? Millions! This is the logic behind what they are counting on at all levels! Greed and hope are genetic monstrosities, so they play it safe counting on these – and they always win! Currently something seems to be wrong – could it be that they have come to realize that there are too many of us and they are thinking of starting another war? If so, don’t worry, it will probably start in the Balkans, just like it did the other two times! Have a nice weekend! (first posted - November 20, 2008)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The real danger is hypocrisy, not smoking.

I would like to start off by categorically stating that I do not have the slightest intention of either disputing the damaging consequences of smoking or promoting the use of tobacco; quite the opposite I would say. But, frankly speaking, I am amazed by the depth of hypocrisy of the, by all accounts legal, marketing campaign against smoking. The shit has hit the fan, and the so called “expressionists of ideas” are sitting around dealing with the pettiest of matters! Just the thought that the globalized “system” is interested in my health, is enough to drive me crazy! How stupid do they think we are? Aren’t these the same people who have spent the last 70 years consciously and insatiably destroying our planet and continuously degrading the quality of our lives? Aren’t these the same people who have caused the hole in the ozone layer which resulted in the greenhouse effect and which is causing a daily hecatomb of dead and homeless? Aren’t these the same people who are razing the Amazon and affecting the quality of the air we breathe? Are these not the same people who burn down our forests? Are these not the same people who, without nay feelings of remorse, promote the use of mobile phones and high voltage electrical wires that hang ominously above our heads? Are these not the same people who have turned the aquifer into sewage? Are these not the same people who, with their nuclear testing, their selective bombings and their toxic waste, spread carcinogenesis and every other bizarre illness that a human mind can imagine? Are these not the same people who have so drastically affected our food chain with their insecticides, preservatives, dioxins and genetically altered food? Are these not the same people who are constantly increasing the age at which we are entitled to pensions while at the same time lowering pension amounts, causing us tremendous stress and social insecurity? Are these not the same people who have been creating generations of aggressive “zombies” and manic-depressives with the policies they enforce? Are these not the same people who have designated such high prices for raw materials, medicine and basic foodstuffs that they have managed to decimate half the population of third world countries (millions of which are children)? Are these not the same people who with their apathy have legalized criminality? Are these not the same people who have forced the new generation to an impasse by offering them such low wages in a limited job market which demands endless costly qualifications? Are these not the people that keep lending us money to ensure that they can suppress any rebellious tendencies we may have? Are these not the same people who will go to any lengths to hold us hostage (mentally and spiritually, amongst others) – we all know that poverty suppresses the development of mind and spirit? So, how is it that these people love us so much that all they want to do is protect us from the dangers of smoking while at the same time they have legalized all the aforementioned? Are they trying to find a scapegoat? Are they trying to shirk their responsibility? Could it be that they want to promote the more expensive substances, since the profit from these other substances are astronomically greater? Could it be that they are simply testing their “communicative” abilities for the future – ie smoking today, alcohol tomorrow, our free time the day after tomorrow, then extending the eight-hour shift, lowering salaries, etc., etc., etc.? Does this seemingly legal yet “selective” protection not remind you of Goebbels? “Nah, I don’t think so, smoking is to blame!!!!” Well, since smoking is such a culprit (and surely it has its share of blame), why is it that so many non-smokers die every day? (first posted - June 6, 2008)