Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Television has taken on the role of the microwave – it cooks your brain in seconds!

The entire media scene reminds me of that scam played on the street where you have to figure out which card is the king, or under which cup the little red ball is - the presenter in the role of the dextrous scam artist and their co-presenters and guest speakers, in those silly pop up windows, in the role of the seemingly innocent bystander who plays and wins. Their purpose and objective, beyond the ratings (which helps them retain their jobs), is the daily stupefaction of the mob and deliberate misinformation of their viewers. The end justifies the means and so they draw attention away from the problems that the system has – the system that has always rightly treated us as a mob. If people do not stop lapping up everything they serve us, the worst is yet to come. So, participate in any kind of “peaceful protest” and group together with all of the others victims (but stay away from any partisan embraces which openly divide our dynamics). first posted - Sunday, December 14th, 2008